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PDF-4+ is the most comprehensive database designed for phase identification and quantitative analysis of inorganic materials.
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WebPDF-4+ provides portability of the PDF-4+ database via the Internet.
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PDF-2 is designed for phase identification of inorganic materials.
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PDF-4/Organics is a comprehensive database for phase identification combining both single crystal and powder diffraction data for organics and organometallics.
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PDF-4/Minerals is the most comprehensive collection of mineral data with nearly 97% of all known mineral types.
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Our Members

Approximately 300 scientists from around the world comprise the active membership from which the organization draws its Board of Directorscommittees, and subcommittees. Our members, who are volunteers, are actively engaged in developments in the field of X-ray powder diffraction and related disciplines. Membership consists of scientists from various affiliations - educational, governmental, and industrial.

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Grants to researchers around the world to provide high-quality data and refined search techniques

ICDD is now accepting on-line proposal submissions for the 2017/2018 Cycle II Grant-in-Aid Program. Submission deadline is July 31, 2017!  Gather your diffraction data today and get ready to submit your proposal.

Check out all the additional benefits ICDD’s Grant-in-Aid program has to offer including including a 50% price reduction on a PDF-4 product at, then contact Denise DelCasale, Grant-in-Aid Coordinator at  to get started.

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