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ICDD is now accepting on-line proposal submissions for the 2017/2018 Cycle II Grant-in-Aid Program. Submission deadline is July 31, 2017!! 

Gather your diffraction data today and get ready to submit your proposal. Check out all the additional benefits ICDD’s Grant-in-Aid program has to offer including aincluding a 50% price reduction on a PDF-4 product at http://www.icdd.com/grants/index.htm , then contact Denise DelCasale, Grant-in-Aid Coordinator at DelCasale@ICDD.com  to get started.

Don’t wait till the last minute, July 31st deadline is approaching fast.


One of the ICDD's main objectives is to expand the range of reference materials by archiving or producing X-ray diffraction patterns. To further this effort, the ICDD supports a well-developed program of grants to researchers around the world to provide high-quality data and refined search techniques. Each year the ICDD extends financial support to qualified investigators, in the form of grants-in-aid awarded on a competing proposal basis, for the preparation of reference X-ray powder diffraction data.

The duration of a Grant-in-Aid is 12 months with two cycles per year. Cycle I begins 1 April and Cycle II begins 1 October.

Benefits offered to grantees are:

  • Financial support to aid current research
  • Publication of pattern(s), if accepted by the Editorial Department, in the Powder Diffraction File
  • Receive calibration standards
  • Purchase certain products at reduced prices
  • Web-based access to the list of compounds in the ICDD master database—includes published patterns as well as patterns still in the editorial process
  • First-time grantees receive a complimentary one-year subscription to Powder Diffraction


Sergei Kirik, of the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences, was honored at the 2013 ICDD Spring Meetings for his contributions to the Powder Diffraction File, contributing over 1000 patterns. Three other individuals have met this milestone, Don Hanawalt, Larry Calvert and Shao-Fao Lin. Currently Dr. Kirik has published 1,185 references.

(L to R) Sergei Kirik and Scott Misture 


Past and Present Grants-in-Aid Recipients - New grantees for Grant-in-Aid

Grant-in-Aid Overview from 2012 ICDD Public Report  (includes breakdowns of quality, expense, and recipients)

Guidelines for Grant-in-Aid Proposals

SUBMISSION FORMS : GIA Proposals, Reports & Replacements, Chemical & Element Search, DataQUACkER Download & Instructions - username and password needed

Recent Grant-in-Aid Workshops from around the world

Targeted Materials for Grant-in-Aid Study
Below are two lists of targeted materials that are of interest to include in the Powder Diffraction File:
List of Approved Materials for Grant-in-Aid Study
List of Approved Pharmaceuticals for Grant-in-Aid Study

Distinguished Grantee Awards
The Distinguished Grantee Award was instituted in 1999 to recognize the ongoing efforts of exceptional Grant-in-Aid recipients, whose work for the ICDD goes beyond the measurement of high-quality powder patterns. The award is presented triennially. The ICDD Grant-in-Aid program is open to all scientists who produce high-quality powder data and who, after a preliminary trial period, are awarded monetary grants from the ICDD in return for submission of their patterns to the ICDD.

Selection Process
The ICDD Grant-in-Aid Committee is responsible for the selection of an awardee. Submissions are made to the committee and a tally of votes determines the winner.

Award Presentation
The Distinguished Grantee Award is presented at the Technical Committee Session of the ICDD Annual Meeting. The award consists of a gift of $1,000 and a commemorative plaque. The awardee is expected to present a scientific paper and spend several days at the ICDD headquarters. Travel and accommodation costs for the recipient are covered by the ICDD.

More Information on Distinguished Grantee Award

The 2016 Distinguished Grantee Award was awarded to Vyacheslav Baumer

The 2013 Distinguished Grantee Award - Xinkan Yao
The 2010 Distinguished Grantee Award - Bogdan Lazoryak
The 2007 Distinguished Grantee Award - Sergei Kirik
The 2004 Distinguished Grantee Award - Shao-Fan Lin
The 2001 Distinguished Grantee Award - Evgeny Antipov


Cycle I  Cycle II 
Proposal due 31 January 31 July
Grant-in-Aid Committee meets to review proposals March September
Approved grants begin 1 April 1 October
Midterm report due 30 September 31 March
Renewal proposal and progress report due 31 January 31 July
Final report due 31 March 30 September 


For further information or any queries, contact:

Denise DelCasale
Grant Coordinator
International Centre for Diffraction Data
Newtown Square Corporate Campus
12 Campus Boulevard
Newtown Square, PA, 19073-3273, USA

Phone: (610) 325-9814
Fax : (610) 325-9823
E-mail: delCasale@icdd.com