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Powder Diffraction is a quarterly journal published by the JCPDS-International Centre for Diffraction Data through the Cambridge University Press. Powder Diffraction is a journal of practical technique, publishing articles relating to the widest range of application—from materials analysis to epitaxial growth of thin films and to the latest advances in software. Although practice is emphasized, theory is not neglected, especially as its discussion relates to better understanding of technique.

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(Vol. 32 No. 4) December 2017

On the Cover December (32 4):
Neutron powder diffraction has long been a powerful tool for characterization of crystalline materials due to several factors including that the neutron scattering factor changes from element to element leading to enhanced sensitivity to light elements, neighboring elements and isotopes as well as the reduced drop off in intensity with increasing Q. Neutron powder diffraction is now more widely available due to the construction of several powerful spallation neutron facilities around the world. In this PDJ issue the paper “Calculation of Full-Pattern Neutron Time-of-Flight (TOF) Powder Diffraction Patterns”, by John Faber, shows that the recent release of the Powder Diffraction File (PDF4+) now includes capabilities to calculate the neutron powder pattern including the estimated background. The left box shows the calculation of the pattern with background for La11B6 (SRM660b) where approximately thirty diffraction lines are clearly seen. The right box shows the impact of inelastic scattering contributing to the background by comparing to the patterns for a deuterated and hydrogenated samples Nd2Ni2InD7.52 and Nd2Ni2InH7.52. These tools will assist scientists in planning experiments at neutron sources as well as interpreting data collected. In addition, it is now possible to create a Search/Match database of nearly 300,000 inorganic phases for a given neutron instrument. With this, scientists using neutron facilities can now rapidly analyze mixtures of phases.



(Vol. 32 No. 4 - Supplement 2) December 2017

On the Cover December (32 4 sup):
View of the Melbourne skyline from the parkland next to where AXAA-2017 was held



(Vol. 32 No. 4 - Supplement 1) September 2017

On the Cover September (32 3 sup):
A beautiful scene from Bari, Italy on the Adriatic Sea coast where the EPDIC15 conference was held.


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ICDD’s international journal, Powder Diffraction, published quarterly plus an annual special topical issue, in collaboration with the Denver X-ray Conference Organizing Committee, has increased services for the subscribers of Powder Diffraction and authors of Advances in X-ray Analysis (AXA). Beginning in 2006, ICDD offered a copy of the previous year’s edition of AXA to Powder Diffraction institutional subscribers who receive both print and online versions. This effectively doubles the number of articles annually available to Powder Diffraction subscribers and significantly increases the circulation for the authors in Advances in X-ray Analysis.

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  • Publication of powder data on new materials

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