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The getting started tutorials are a series of fundamental tutorials about materials analysis and the use of the Powder Diffraction File™. The Powder Diffraction FIle™ is a materials analysis system that can be used as a “stand-alone” analysis system or as interfaced to dozens of software analysis systems. The section on Using the Powder Diffraction File covers basic analysis and data mining tools using software embedded in all PDF databases. To access this software you simply need to open your PDF database.


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Using the Powder Diffraction File
These Getting Started Tools are applicable to all the PDF databases.

starNew Features for Release 2016

Set up User Preferences

Importing Data into the PDF

Sort, Order and Graph Data

Effectively use subfiles

Use chemical and structural classifications

Data Mine

Combine Searches

Evaluate reference quality

(See tutorials specific to PDF-2, PDF-4+, WebPDF-4+, and PDF-4/Organics.)

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